Om Al-Qura School recognizes the rights of students, staff, and employees who want to participate in online social networking. Our guidelines are designed to create an atmosphere of good will, honesty, and individual accountability. Om Al-Qura Social network is a private network for the school community and approval is required upon registration. Om Al-Qura school social network is used to to engage students and parents with the school staff and class activities. The school is not responsible of any ideas or comments from students, teachers or parents..

Om Al-Qura students, parents, and staff should always keep in mind that information produced, shared, and retrieved by them is a reflection on the school community and is subject to the School’s code, Om Al-Qura School Code and the Social Network Guidlines. When accessing, creating, or contributing to any blogs or other social media for classroom, we expect you to keep these guidelines in mind. Failure to meet or follow these guidelines may result in disciplinary action.

Registration Process

Registration to Om Al-Qura social network is available to students, parents and staff through the main menu

Approval Process

For students:

A written approval from parents is required before students are approved to join the social network.

For staff and parents:

Within a maximum of 24 hours of registration an email will be sent back to the user with a new password. Passwords are not to be shared except with the site administrator.